What to eat on the AIP Diet: MealPlan.club

When I first endeavoured to take on the AIP diet, I was overwhelmed with questions. What kind of meals can I make with such a restrictive ingredient list?

I am by no means a natural born cook. I can follow a recipe well and produce some tasty stuff, but don’t ask me to whip something up with my own imagination. I need recipes.

Here comes MealPlan.club * to the rescue!

At MealPlan.club, they provide you with a new set of recipes along with a daily meal plan one week at a time. So the work is done for you. You can follow along as outlined. They even try to keep your shopping list contained by reusing portions of meals as leftovers and add-ons to other meals later that week. It’s SO well organized.

But you don’t HAVE to use it that way. Personally, from week to week I have different things going on, so being at home to cook on any given day isn’t for sure. Or, I might have plans that include a meal.So I used the recipes provided each week, and came up with my plan and schedule.

And, Louise, the founder, provides super customer support. Any time I had a question, I was able to email her and count on getting a reply, usually the same day!

OH, and don’t let me forget to mention that the recipes are really quite tasty! You’d think with such a restrictive list, including many spices that normally could have added flavour, the food would be super bland. But Louise has created some truly delicious recipes that are not terribly difficult to prepare.

And yes, it even includes some really nice desserts.

All that, and pricing is very reasonable, with a 60 day full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Check them out at mealplan.club *

PS: By the way, they also have mealplanclubs for Keto and Paleo as well!

*Updated Feb 17, 2020: By using the link provided here, if you decide to try mealplanclub, I will earn affiliate commissions. This has in no way influenced my review of the product.

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