The Protocol Session

This week I met with Megan Kelly, my new nutritionist, who reviewed a comprehensive and holistic protocol she’s outlined, just for me!

I was both excited and a bit nervous going into my session. I anticipated having to cut out a lot of food that I really enjoy and/or that I find convenient, which of course brings up a lot of feelings of resistance after a lifetime of diet after diet. On the other hand, it also is exciting if I allow myself to dare to hope that maybe, just maybe, I can make these changes stick, and start to feel like my old self again.

But Megan didn’t hit me with a bunch of “don’t eat this” and “don’t eat that’s.” Rather wisely, having heard my story and aiming to meet me where I am in a truly holistic sense, she concentrated on ADDING IN more nutrient density and supportive lifestyle habits. The idea being, of course, that by focusing on getting all the good stuff in, there won’t be space or time or perhaps even desire for as much of the not-so-good stuff.

So for the next few weeks, I’m working on:

  1. Drinking all my water and adding in a cup or two of green tea each day as well as an “adrenal cocktail” to start the mornings.
  2. Eating at least 5 servings of veggies each day, especially the leafy greens and cruciferous types.
  3. Eating a couple of servings of low glycemic fruits (berries, cherries, apples, pears, pomegranates).
  4. Making sure to get in a good lot of healthy fats (up to 9 servings a day!), including the addition of MCT oil to my coffee and a couple of brazil nuts each day.
  5. More fish each week.
  6. Adding more pleasure and connection into my life by doing things I love more often, connecting with friends IRL and doing “mindset journaling” to intentionally work on developing a more positive, hopeful outlook.
  7. The one thing I will work on controlling is my intake of grains, which for now I’ll try to keep to no more than 1 serving daily.

It’s a lot to take in, but Megan gave me a comprehensive written package of information that outlines all the recommendations and their reasons (how they help). She also gave me a handy tracking sheet to help me keep track of all these goals and activities, AND a lovely recipe book to give me some ideas of things to eat.

I’ve started to incorporate a few of the changes Megan recommended. I quite like the morning adrenal cocktail, and when I blend the MCT oil with a bit of half and half (yes, not the best thing, but it’s only a couple of tbsp so for now, I’m keeping it) and some xylitol, it tastes like a creamy latte. This last recommendation is intriguing to me, as she explained that if I have that first thing, without any source of carbs, it could help to retrain my body to use fat as a fuel source instead of the immediate energy of carbs, eventually leading to burning more body fat. It’s worth a try!

Next week will be my first FULL week of following Megan’s recommendations, and I’ve put together a one-week meal plan for myself using some of her recipes, and some I’ve gathered from other sources.

I’ve even committed to the mindset journaling. It’s not my first go round with journaling and I can’t say it’s ever been my favourite thing to do, but I also think I’ve often put too much pressure on myself with it, expecting to have deeply profound thoughts and feelings, when in reality it’s often rather hum drum. This time, I’m doing it purely for the purpose of rehearsing and implanting positive suggestions. So far, I’ve spent a little time making note of recurring negative thoughts, writing out realistic alternatives, and then I write a positively worded sentence 10 times. That’s it, takes about 5 minutes or so before bed, totally painless and stress free. I’m willing to keep practicing this as an experiment, for the foreseeable future.   

Your turn

What changes have you made that have made a big difference in how you feel? Is there one key change that turned things around for you? Tell me about it in the comments! And thanks for reading!

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