Organic and Humane Farming in Ontario: NIKU Farms

Have you been considering making some changes to elevate the quality of the animal proteins you and your family eat?

There are many reasons to consider making this change:

  • Impact to the health of you and your family. Traditionally farmed animals are often fed grains to fatten them up quickly, kept exclusively indoors or with minimal opportunity to graze, and pumped full of hormones (again, to fatten them up quickly) and antibiotics to stave off infections. Remember, you are not only what you eat, but what you eat eats as well. And, the conditions many of these animals live under are highly stressful. We know what stress does inside our bodies, and it does the same for animals. Excess cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormonal impacts will affect the quality of the meat.
  • Environmental factors. Often the meat we find on the shelves of our grocery stores have come from many miles away, burning more fossil fuels as they are shipped across the country. Buying from smaller, local farmers is one way to do your part to help our planet.
  • Animal welfare. Smaller, organic farmers by nature practice kinder animal welfare. Animals gain access to the outside, can graze as they are meant to, and when it comes time for slaughter it is done in the most humane way.
  • Economic impacts. Supporting local farmers creates jobs, not just on the farms themselves but in supplying other local businesses as well. We support local communities and empowers the consumer.   

Often though, it’s convenience that keeps us buying off the grocery store shelves. Who has time to go out to the countryside to source various types of locally farmed meat? That’s where NIKU Farms comes in.

I was introduced to NIKU at last summer’s Gluten Free Garage event in Toronto. NIKU curates boxes of meats from the best local farm that practice ethically, and provides a monthly delivery service, delivering to most regions across Ontario. The animals are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and all the animals are completely pasture raised so they can roam as they please. No antibiotics. No hormones. No gluten. You can purchase pre-curated boxes or customize your own.

My family and I love the quality of the meats, and you can’t beat the convenience. Once a month I get a reminder that it’s time to place my order. They offer a small size box and a large size box, so depending on the size of your household you can purchase as needed.

I’ve also been really impressed with the customer service at NIKU. They are quick respond to inquiries by email, and the care and pride they take in what they do comes across with each interaction I’ve had with them.

Want to try NIKU?

If you’d like to try NIKU out you can receive $50 off your first order! (full disclosure – I too will receive a $50 discount on my next order.). Simply click here and enter referral code AHOOD when prompted.

2 thoughts on “Organic and Humane Farming in Ontario: NIKU Farms

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  1. Hi Aubrey, thanks for sharing this story about NIKU. One of the reasons I’m going on my vegetarian journey is because of the many issues with the animal agriculture industry. Always great to see companies and organizations doing it right.

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    1. Hi Emmi, Yes from an animal welfare perspective, vegetarianism is a strong stance. For those of us with autoimmune diseases, it’s a difficult one to take, since we are recommended to eat a paleo style diet, removing most/all grains and legumes as well as soy, making it difficult to get adequate complete proteins. It can be done, but much more difficult. Therefore, as someone who eats animal proteins twice daily, I feel the next best step is to try to buy as much of my meats from high quality farms who treat animals with respect. Thanks so much for your comments, keep ’em coming!


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