Week 1 (for reals)

One week behind me of really working on the plan that Megan gave me earlier this month. I’ve had some ups and downs, but overall, I do feel good about the changes I’ve made.

  • Drinking about 8-9 cups of water daily (average).
  • Taking my adrenal cocktail first thing most every morning.
  • Taking MCT oil in my coffee in the morning (most mornings it’s been a decaf!).
  • My veggie intake is pretty good, about 5-6 per day! I could eat a little more of the leafy greens but I’ve had 1 most days and my cruciferous veggie intake is good too, with 1 on most days.
  • I’ve been eating usually 1 fruit per day, sometimes 2. Most of the time it’s berries or cherries (low glycemic) but sometimes has been pineapple.
  • Doing well with my healthy fats, averaging about 7 servings a day, including the MCT oil, fish oil supplement, and brazil nuts (good for selenium, which is often low for us Hashi-folks).
  • I’ve eaten, on average, 1.7 servings of animal proteins each day, including 4 servings of fish this week! That one took some conscious effort, but I did it!
  • I’ve been having anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, blueberries, carrots, ginger and beets. I actually added a few slices of beets to my cherry smoothie in the mornings and I could hardly even tell they were there.
  • Food tracking done every day.
  • Cut out all the processed sugar (except 1 tsp of raw sugar in my coffee one day), and kept even the natural sugars (honey, maple syrup) to a minimum.
  • I only had 4 servings of grains this whole week. I feel good about this one! On a couple of days, I knew what I had planned for dinner later in the day, so I made different choices for what I wanted for breakfast so that I could control my grains intake.
  • I got myself a new dress this weekend. I wanted to feel both pretty AND comfortable. In the past, I would have tended not to buy myself something new, being that I’m not at the size I want to be. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the money for something I hoped wouldn’t fit me for long. But now, I feel that it’s important that I feel good NOW, not just after I lose weight. So when I saw a cute dress that I felt good in, I treated myself.
Enjoying a lovely gluten free meal at Eataly, Toronto

Now, for the things I need to work on more:

  • Doing something I love every day. Well, if hanging out with my family watching some shows on TV together or going to the movies with my partner count, then I have been doing this every day. BUT, I think the idea was to do something more active. I really haven’t been doing this. Between workouts, meal prep, and work for my school course, I just don’t have the time or perhaps energy to do much more. I do enjoy our TV time together, and I don’t feel motivated to do more right now.
  • Connecting with friends and family. I did have a nice chat with my brother this week, it had been a while since we touched base so that was nice. I could do more.
  • Mindset journaling. I give myself a half checkmark on this one, I’ve been slacking on it this week but have done some journaling every other day.

How have I been feeling?

Early in the week I was feeling remarkably well. I felt energetic well into the evening, mentally sharp and my mood was up. I got to the gym and was able to give it a little more intensity and felt good. Then by mid-week my energy started to drop. On Thursday evening my muscles were feeling mildly sore from my workout the day before, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open in the evening. I fell asleep on the couch at 9:15 and then got up and officially went to bed at 9:30. I wasn’t as sore the next day, but I was still feeling the fatigue and went to bed fairly early again. Then yesterday, I was just dragging. I could feel that deep, worn out feeling in my body. A couple of hours after getting up that morning, I went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half, and I put off the housework I had planned for the next day.

I also noticed that after my coffee with MCT oil in the mornings, I often experience a wave of nausea. It was especially pronounced yesterday. I did some research and found that nausea is one of the side effects some people experience, and it’s recommended to reduce the dosage and work my way back up over a period of a few weeks. So, I’m scaling back to 2 tsp instead of a full tbsp. This morning I didn’t feel nauseous so I maybe I found my sweet spot.

Now what?

Because of the fatigue I’ve been feeling this week, I decided to give myself a break this weekend and won’t do a workout. I’ll just get some housework done, maybe a bit of stretching or foam rolling, and count that as my movement. This is really progress for me. In the past, I’d have just pushed myself through, focused more on the calorie burn I was after than what my body was telling me. But I know if I do that, I will pay for it with double fatigue, and possibly muscular soreness, probably my mood would take a dive, and it would set me up for a hard week. I’m much better off taking it easier on my body today to set myself up for a better week ahead.

As for all the other goals, for the coming week I simply want to do a repeat and practice these new habits. I will try to add in contacting one family member or friend this week, and to do my mindset journaling at least 5 times.

I’ll report back next week!

Your turn!

Are you working on making any changes? What are your goals for this week? I’d love to hear what you’re working on, and maybe you’ll check back in with me again next week to let me know how you did. Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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