I Like to Move It Move It : Excerising with Autoimmune Disease

Or, at least I used to. Ok, I still do, but I’m figuring out how to fully enjoy exercise without paying the price for it with deep, deep fatigue and excessive muscle and joint soreness. Exercise is a complicated topic for me. It’s layered with all the associations to weight management, the goal to burn... Continue Reading →

Interview with an AI Thriver

Let me introduce you to my brother, Doug. He is not just a survivor of AI diseases (psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis) - he is a THRIVER. I'm so proud of my brother, and happy for him and his beautiful family, that he has overcome the odds and truly learned to thrive despite chronic,... Continue Reading →

Week 1 (for reals)

One week behind me of really working on the plan that Megan gave me earlier this month. I’ve had some ups and downs, but overall, I do feel good about the changes I’ve made. Drinking about 8-9 cups of water daily (average).Taking my adrenal cocktail first thing most every morning.Taking MCT oil in my coffee... Continue Reading →

Paleo Sandwich Bread

Get the recipe here: Paleo Grubs I don't know about you, but the one thing that I continue to miss in my Paleo diet is bread. It's partly the convenience factor (a sandwich on the go is so easy!), and partly the taste and texture (mmm, warm crusty buttered bread) that I miss. This recipe...... Continue Reading →

The Protocol Session

This week I met with Megan Kelly, my new nutritionist, who reviewed a comprehensive and holistic protocol she’s outlined, just for me! I was both excited and a bit nervous going into my session. I anticipated having to cut out a lot of food that I really enjoy and/or that I find convenient, which of... Continue Reading →

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet

I thought it would be helpful for you to understand about one of the most important and commonly accepted approaches to healing from AI disease, and that is the Autoimmune Protocol diet (or AIP for short). The Goal of the AIP diet is to remove any all possible dietary triggers of leaky guy, including: GlutenAll... Continue Reading →

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