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What to eat on the AIP Diet:

When I first endeavoured to take on the AIP diet, I was overwhelmed with questions. What kind of meals can I make with such a restrictive ingredient list? I am by no means a natural born cook. I can follow a recipe well and produce some tasty stuff, but don't ask me to whip something... Continue Reading →

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet

I thought it would be helpful for you to understand about one of the most important and commonly accepted approaches to healing from AI disease, and that is the Autoimmune Protocol diet (or AIP for short). The Goal of the AIP diet is to remove any all possible dietary triggers of leaky guy, including: GlutenAll... Continue Reading →

My Intake Session

After a couple of years of trying to work through this Hashi-thing – and this food thing -  on my own - with some help from a Naturopath – but, not experiencing any real tangible results, I thought it might be time try working with someone one-on-one who has experience treating autoimmune conditions holistically. I... Continue Reading →

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